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Seems like there’s a lot of action(s) happening over on GitHub.  How do I get a piece of that action(s)?  Wheee!  Puns!  (I’ve been cooped up in my house too long.) So if you’re a .NET Core developer or an ASP.NET…(Read More)

When you’re managing permissions in Azure DevOps Server or in Azure DevOps Services, often you’re tempted to add people directly to your project or directly to a team. It’s not wrong exactly but over time it tends to get messy – especially if you’re adding the same people to new projects and…(Read More)

Hey All — I just published my Azure DevOps Server 2020 Installation Guide. This guide continues the tradition going back to 2009 of publishing installation guides for each new version of Team Foundation Server and Azure DevOps Server. Here’s the list of chapters the Azure DevOps Server 2020 guide: Install Windows Server 2019Install SQL Server…(Read More)

I’ve been doing a fair bit of development with GitHub Actions lately for continuous integration and continuous deploy pipelines (CI/CD). Here’s what the process has been like: try something in the YAML file for the build, commit something to cause the GitHub Action to run, see why it failed, repeat. In the…(Read More)

Has this ever happened to you? You’re working on the code for your Angular app. And since you’re an amazing developer, you’re also writing test specs using Jasmine. You want to run your tests so you pop down to the terminal and type ng test to execute your tests. You expect to…(Read More)

Azure DevOps Release Pipelines has a nifty feature called Approvals. Let’s say that you have a couple different stages (aka. “environments”) in your release pipeline – Test and Production. A simple test/prod release pipeline Without approvals turned on, when your release pipeline is triggered, the Test and Production stages run automatically. If you enable…(Read More)

[TL/DR? – skip to the bottom] I ran into a problem with an ASP.NET MVC Core app today and it took me a while to figure it out. Here’s the problem: on an extremely simple and straightforward form, I couldn’t get a field in my model to POST back to the server…(Read More)


TL;DR – Your Sprint Planning Meetings don’t have to be a chore. Your Sprint Backlog doesn’t have to be a mess. Do short backlog refinement meetings twice a week and sleep a lot. Our Hero Takes a Nap I was working on a performance problem in some code last week. An operation that…(Read More)

I’d like to introduce some utilities that I wrote to help SQL Server developers that I’m calling “Shovel”. You can install it by going to the Microsoft Store or by downloading a ZIP. In version 1, there are two collections of features: Database Schema Search and Data Export. I’ve created a couple…(Read More)